Answers to questions

How much does it cost?

A fair question. Simple answer, less then most. It is important to me that you get what you want out of your wedding photographs so I do my best to be accommodating and flexible.  I'd be happy to go over pricing and packages with you, just drop me note saying Hi!

How long before I receive the photos?

Within 2 weeks you'll receive access to your online gallery from which you can view and download photos

Do you include video?

I specialize in photos. That's where my talent and energy lies and I would want to give nothing less then my absolute best! I do however have friends and those friends are skilled videographers who I'd happily get you in touch with.

Do you use a second photographer or an assistant? 

If you would feel better having all hands on deck covering your wedding from up high and down low then a second photographer you shall have.

If an assistant is needed to hold lights, corral folks for photos or tell jokes I will provide one and that will be on my dime not yours.