HI all, My name is Nick and here is a little bit about me what I do and why I do it. 

I'm a San Francisco based photographer who, for the better part of a decade, has spent most of my time working as a photojournalist covering news worthy events both big and small and mostly in China where I lived for a long time. I've always been drawn to defining moments and the light that surrounds them. I've worked for newspapers and magazines spanning 6 continents as well as leading global companies and NGO's. Some notables being The Washington Post, USA Today, The South China Morning Post, The Associated Press, The NBA and The WHO. For a longer list of clients and a look at my editorial work visit my website here  

Much like those news events weddings are filled with both defining and subtle moments. I work extremely hard to bring those moments to light, literally. 

 A wedding day is more than a few posed photos it is a story that unfolds right in front of you. From the morning make up session to the nervous car ride to the venue, from the gathering of friends and family to the ever important vows, from the bouquet toss to the father's speech and from that first dance to that last shot of tequila. All of these moments tell the story of a day to remember. I love to tell that story!

... Spontaneity. The thing that creates spontaneity, people, I love people so don't worry I'll fit right in no matter how zany your family might be! And the Uncle that wants to tell you the same story you've been hearing for 20 years, send him my way, I love a good story! 

At the end of the day I love what I do and I'd love to be able to share that with you.